NFR This should stir the ol' cake batter....

I have been collecting vinyl for ...Holy Crap!...54 ish years...The young peckerheads that are following the revitalized trend are effing up the pricing...just sayin'...I bought a Rodney Crowell debut last night,, last week I picked up was a NM of Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart at $20 a deal comparatively...thrilled i was...
I have a bunch of vintage audio gear, and I also have a lot of "records". Calling it "vinyl" sounds way too trendy. lol

Never been into too much traditional jazz, but I do like me some Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, Al DiMiola, Stanley Clarke type jazz.


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Most people only think of the raunchy and satirical material when they hear the name Frank Zappa. It is his instrumentals and arrangements that show his genius. Very odd time signatures at times, and if you were in his band, you HAD to be a very good musician. His guitar playing was unique, expressive, and phenominal. Best live shows ever.
Correctamund:confused:ne of my favorites is Burnt Weenie Sandwich.After the doo-wop opener there is some astonishing playing.Never was a fan of his juvenile humor and would have liked it more if he had concentrated on more music like that.
It's all was just his irreverent contrasted with such amazing time signatures, guitar playing and wacky yet taskmaster compositions...breadth of expression...compositions all...Why Pour the Lemon Juice?


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The Yellow Shark...his take on the compositions of Varese...Yeah genius...loved the old clip of him playing a bicycle wheel ...on Carson? I think
It was the Steve Allen afternoon show.I recall seeing that segment after coming home from school.By the way,speaking of comics,Steve Allen was the best ad-libber I ever saw.
Zoot Allures. Hot Rats. Roxy and Elsewhere. Waka Jawaka. Studio Tan. Live in New York. Sleep Dirt. Weasels Ripped My Flesh. Those come to mind, of having great instrumentals.

But then there is the Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar series. Fantastic stuff.

I've found that people either absolutely love FZ, or they just plain don't comprehend it at all.

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