Epic DIY saltwater fly fishing, Mexico and Belize

I am planning a trip of epic proportions this winter from roughly Feb. 1st to March 15th. I plan to fly to Cancun, then heading south to Akumal, then to Tulum and the Sian Ka'an bioshpere, stopping in Majahual (there is an amazing flat just off this town I am interested in checking out) and eventually making my way to Xcalek. From Xcalek I am planning on taking the XTC dive companies' boat to San Pedro and fish Ambergris Caye. This is where the trip becomes a little iffy. I want to travel down through the cayes but am not sure which ones to stop at. Caye Caulker is right there so that will probably be next. I know many of the cayes are private. Any suggestions on cayes to check out and has anyone taken water taxi's around this area before? Are there un-inhabited cayes anyone has stayed at? I'm very intrigued by Glover's reef, St. George's, Long Caye, Tobacco Caye, and South Water Caye. Eventually I would like to make it down to Hopkin's village before flying out of Belize City.
I know this is ambitious but now is my chance. Any advice on places to stay, people to contact, flies and locations or just your own two-sense about Belize and Mexico would be greatly appreciated. I am bringing my hammock with mosquito cover but no tent. I am at home in adverse conditions and less than ideal lodgings. I posted in another thread but since it was old I figured I'd start a new one. Thanks for the help.

mr. bad example

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I've done this route a number of times over the years and have spent about two years @Glovers Reef.... if you want to P.M. me I'll respond... one quick suggestion would be to hire a skiff from punta allen down to punta herrero where you can hang your hammock .and chase permit.. hang out in the bar(s) where the fishermen are and buy a round... good things can happen ..

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