First Steelhead on a Spey Rod!

Caught my first Steelhead on a spey rod this weekend. What a treat! I picked up a two handed rod for the first time last November on the Thompson River. Not exactly the easiest place to learn but I stuck with it. (4 weekends on the Thompson with not a pull) My casting finally started to come around this winter and I thought for sure I would hook up on the Sky...3 weekends no luck. Then I moved on to the Sauk...two trips no fish. After all that I was beginning to doubt myself, my presentation, my fly box, the cost of my two handed TCR...etc. :beathead:

Last Sunday a good friend and I floated the upper Skagit and I finally got my fish. A beautiful Easter Hen 26"...what an amazing feeling. A lot of work went into catching that fish but it was well worth it. My casting the rest of the day was great. Its amazing what a little confidence can do. Thanks for letting me brag...the gear guys at work just don't get it. What a great sport!

New Spey Rod Junkie!!!
You can brag all you want. It is great to see that your hard work paid off. This was my first year at steelhead fishing(single handed not spey). I am looking forward to the day when I too can boast. And yes you are right, some people just don't get why we do this. Rest assured, once they try they will understand. Their are just too many facets to this sport to enjoy.


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