Let's see your favorite fish of the year

Big, small, unique, hard fighter, beautiful colors etc etc etc....

Let's see your favorite fish of 2017!

Dry, nymph, swing, power bait.... I care not. Just hoping to see some fish porn tonight!

Starting off I think my favorite fish of the year was this little chinook caught while fishing with @bartmorrow on his sweet little Whaler.

Fish took a mylar bodied sand lance type pattern early in the morning. Fish was crashing herring and sand lance in swift current right up on the rocks against the beach. Subtle take that didn't feel like anything exciting until I caught up to it and it realized it was hooked. Gave me everything I could handle with the six weight, even out in the boat. Especially tough when it got into the current behind us... Then it really had its way with me. Not the largest fish I've ever caught, but a particularly memorable one. I'm always thrilled to hook a chinook on the fly of any size.



Happy New Years all! Let's see some fish porn!
It's o-fish-al: I like this whole thread.

I caught a couple nice fish but didn't snap a single photo this year. Sorry my post sucks....
I hear you, I went back through my phone, I had photos of only about 5 or 6 different fish this year, but had tons of photos of the places I fished

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