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I should have known better when I went out to my frosted over truck that it was going to be a cold morning. When I fired it up the temp was 26 degrees...why am I doing this again? Because a bunch of us are masochists that like catching trout. So off I went to meet up with Scott and Tim at Pass Lake. It's become sort of an annual soiree that we have come to enjoy (despite the usual bitter cold).

Those of you that know Tim will not be surprised to find out that he was there at first light and got into fish right away (close to a dozen by his account). Scott and I on the other hand arrived around 8:30 or so and found the parking lot launch to be frozen over. Those of you that have fished with me know I usually forget something, suffice it to say little has changed. That out of the way, thanks to Scott, we broke our way through the ice to open water.

Scott got a bump early on and a real decent brown to the net later. I scored one dime bright fish to the net and spent the rest of the day trolling and stripping to no avail. Tim...well, he's Tim, need we say more?

We finally came to our senses and got out and headed for burgers and beers. We hit the Skagit Brewery and started to thaw out. With a full belly I headed home to a couch in front of the wood stove and a nap.

Always fun spending time with those two yayhoos on the water, hopefully the next time it will be warmer.

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That's it! I need my beard back.
Great way to bring in the new year. In the full sun it must have felt like 27° at least. Better men than I.
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