Pattern feeling a little wormy today.........


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A pink worm pattern my stepson sent me to tye for him from Cali, reportedly a killer.

real simple

Hot pink Danville 6/0 thread or to match body
# 10,12,14,16 3906B or similar hook
Pearl holographic tinsel underbody
Pink,red, or claret Jelly Rope

Tyed in on top fore and aft and a simple knot joint on the front




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This fly looks just like a fly that I got from Ron ant AATF. He said it worked wonderful on the Bitteroot this spring. I've tried it in other Montana waters but I had no results.


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Giving me some new ideas, here are some I tied up from Michiaels Crafts yarns also, good for sculpin pattern bodies also.




Although I believe those markings are by a special pen, there ARE chenilles that have a mottled appearance. I uses verigated chenille to tie the deaded "Halloween Bugger" of Oregon fame. Is called "New Age" Chillile and it comes in a variety of colors.

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Hey fellas sorry meant to get back to this thread and let you know what yarn that is above in my post, its Paton's Bohemiam yarn, I get it at Michaels super store here in Chicago surburbs. You can also order it online, check it out great for worm and larger bodies on sculpin and wooly bogger, crawfish type patterns etc. $ 5 for 68 yards each color, one yarn roll will last you a life time

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