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Had a request to post a detailed tie of a winter favorite, the Bull Buster. It's a pretty simple pattern, nice and heavy, with multiple uses.

-White Marabou
-Various flash fibers (I use Ice Wing and Angel Hair in pink and olive, respectively)
-Orange, Red, and White Ice Dub
-UV Polar dub, white/gold
-Weighted dumbbell eyes (I use large Pseudo Eyes)
-Gamakatsu S11S-4L2H hook, size 6
-Heavy Lead wire (.035")
-White 136 Denier thread
-Small pink cactus chenille

Start by attaching the dumbbell eyes to the hook. I build two thread mounds, and put the eyes between the two mounds. Then I secure them with wraps, cross-wraps, etc.
Wrap the heavy lead wire 10-15 times around the hook shank. Push it back around the bend of the hook, and then apply super glue to the hook shank between the lead and eyes. Push the lead wire up to the base of the eyes. The super glue underneath binds the lead to the hook and gets in between the wraps, so even after a beating the lead won't slide down. It's near impossible to remove unless you cut it off. Then I put super glue all over the eyes so they stay put and over the lead as well just cause.

Tie on a full clump of marabou, trim the edges. I put super glue on the base here too to make sure they don't move.

Take some long fibers of golden olive Angel Hair and UV pink Ice Wing. Tie them in at their halfway point, and take the other half and tie it in on the opposite side of the marabou as the first. Trim the ends, I like them just a tadge longer than the marabou.

Tie in a fourish-inch section of Polar Dub at the rear of the hook. In front of that, make a dubbing loop and fill it with some white Ice Dub.

Wrap the Ice dub forwards and tie it off behind the eyes. Tie in a piece of pink cactus chenille behind the eyes to create a gill section. IMG_4415.jpg
Wrap the cactus chenille behind the eyes and tie off. Then, wrap the polar chenille forward to behind the eyes. Tie that off.

Tie in a nice marabou plume right behind the eyes.

Wrap the marabou behind the eyes a turn or two, and then cross it over the eyes on the top side of the fly and make a couple of turns in front of the eyes. Tie that off, pushing all fibers back. Wrap thread back to right in front of the eyes. The marabou tied in front will swim around the eyes, creating a sort of head.

Mix some red and orange ice dub and spin it on the thread. Wrap that around the hook shank right up to the hook eye, creating a circular eggy look. I brush the fibers out and trim them so it remains sort of circular. Whip finish, trim thread, and super glue the head.


This fly is part of an ongoing development process to create a relatively simple fly, made with materials that don't create a ton of water resistance so it's easy to use on light spey and single hand applications. It's heavy so it sinks quickly and maintains depth during a more active retrieve. At 3" long, it's not a long fly but keeps a nice profile underwater. I also tie it on a size 4 hook, which come out to about 4 inches. I also frequently substitute the marabou tail for craft fur and ostrich. Pick your poison, they all work!

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