Need help with a line ID

Hi. I recently purchased a 390 grain 19' Airflo Skagit Switch from a member here. I received the line from New York today and...not it. I now have a 360 grain 22.5' Airflo shooting head with a pale yellow front loop...not the brown loop shown on the Rajeff Sports line charts. So what do I have? Could it be an early Skagit Compact? It is the right weight and length...Thanks for your help in advance. Graham.
Ha! Figured it out. The colour code is for the plastic section just behind the front loop. There is a colour code chart for Airflo on the Baltic Flyfishers website...chart says gray...mystery line has a gray tip. So the mystery line is an older Skagit Compact, 360 grains, 22.5 feet long, for a 4/5 rod. See, all those years I spent in grade 6 have finally paid off!

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