Writing on a bamboo fly rod.

On YouTube I have seen people writing on the flats of the bamboo fly rods. Some use a metal quill pen and India ink or Testors enamel paint. Others use what looks like a fine felt tip pen. When I took the tour of the Sage factory they used some kind of store bought pen. Does anyone know what kind of fine felt tip pen is used and how you would put finish over the writing?



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I've been using one of my daughters technical pens for writing on rods. It's made by Sakura and is available in several tip diameters and colors. She gets them from Amazon but an art supply store should carry them as well. Its a permanent ink and after its dry I cover the writing with a couple of coats of spar varnish.
Technical Pen.jpg
At the Bamboo Fling I hope to have a couple of rods with the info on them. Thanks Racermo that looks like what I am looking for.


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She's Chinese and asleep so I'll check in the morning. She claims to be able to read Japanese so we'll put her to the test.

The rod was refinished in 2000. The inscription reads "Year of the Dragon Bamboo"
I've used a Micron 01 technical pen for many years. Every time I use it, I tell myself I need a thicker width, but never remember to actually buy one. Most of the rod making books recommend 01-03 mm technical pens, or India ink.

My penmanship is awful, and I've thought about other alternatives. I've heard about rod makers using dry-transfer lettering, and also printing decals.



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Here's what we came up with:

There are 3 characters I see. The first two don't mean anything without context, just have sound. Since there are so many homophones in Japanese I can't tell without context. The last one looks like 六"6" but could be 穴"hole"

The first 2 letters could mean poppy, erase, or buttocks. Last one is 6 or hole. It looks like a derogatory word. I hope it's not...

Are you thinking of buying it? If you do, I'd sand it. It looks too much like a**h***

Personally, I like it, it shows character!
You missed it Kent...it says asshole and I made the net. The long bamboo handle is 100+ year old bamboo from a teahouse my gradfather built. The hoop is red cedar and hemlock, it's netted rainbows to 20" so far!