white water pram owners i have a question

I had a Smith Brothers ten foot plywood pram for 45 years. (It died last summer in Montana from old age and elder abuse.) I had it built with some extra height in the sidewalls. Canted outward, 60 inches at max. width. Too wide for a pickup, which I never owned, it cartopped easily on a succession of station wagons. Weight around 90 pounds, with fiberglassed bottom. Mostly used for stillwater fishing, but I floated moderate chop in streams like the Nooksack and Sauk with no problems. Built with a narrow bow, it maneuvered easily, but I never felt safe with a companion on board; a wider bow would have been much better.
A friend builds beached launched 16' ocean skiffs that ride super sweet, some are going on their third decade. They motor well with 10 hp engines, row easily.

3/8" bottom, 1/4" sides, single layer of 4 oz epoxy S cloth wrapped from bottom up 6" on the sides. 2" x 1/2" 3/4 length runners on the bottom to take on the beach. All in weight under 350#

Build the pram as light as possible, a completed shell is much stronger then the individual pieces, and a lighter boat handles better in every way.

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