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Mike dropped off the map and lives in a shack in the Seirras. I don't think he has made any rods for a while. He put his equipment in storage. I miss the old bastard. He made me a sweet 4 wt bamboo to remember my old man when he passed. He used to frequent but hasn't been there in a while. Mems.

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Mike was a helpful and entertaining contributor to Grassart, as well as a host of others including yourself. It too dropped off the map. I knew of Mike's move. I think the shack and surrounding property originally belonged to his father.

I'll play!

Freshwater, I use bamboo, love the feel.

1917 or so Fred Divine "The Divine" rod with a Patent-pending Medalist 1494

1927 Goodwin Granger "The Goodwin" 9653 with an early Orvis CFO IV

1952 Orvis Battenkill 7-1/2' 3/2 4oz with a Hardy Prince

1950s English R. Sealey Tudor Lightweight 7' with an early J.W. Young Beaudex 3"

And my favorite small stream rod, a 1968 6-1/2' 2oz Orvis Flea. Small and petite, coupled with an early CFO III, it still handled a 27" rainbow with aplomb.

Here it is again in another favored combo, with a Patent-pending 1492

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Edit: Fixed image link, thanks for the heads up, Ron!
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I like the old rods with the intermediate wraps. Most of these rods were made with animal glue, which would soften on warm days or after a few hours of fishing, and wasn't very durable. The intermediate wraps helped hold things together. If you are restoring or refinishing a rod with intermediate wraps, you really need to replace them.

Even with modern glues, some rod makers, including me, put intermediate wraps on butt and mid sections of hollow-built rods, especially those that are used for salmon, steelhead or other big fish.

On the other hand, I hate intermediate wraps because they are a time-consuming PITA to do. Yet another reason why I'd rather make a rod from scratch than do a refinishing job!


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