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I was asked how to tie the generic shrimp/krill/amphipod pattern I posted in the sippers-and-small-stuff thread. So here's a quick SBS.


Hook: Umpqua U401 #6
Thread: Danville 3/0 tan
Dubbing: UV Ice Dub blended in colors Gray, Shrimp Pink, and Red.
Hackle: Krystal Flash in Pink Pearl

This fly is super simple and doesn't really need instructions since its just a loosely dubbed body with a few strands of Krystal Flash for the "hackle". Basically a synthetic soft hackle. The main thing is to keep it sparse and scraggly.

Start by wrapping thread from eye to just short of the hook point.


Blend dubbing colors by pulling in one direction to align fibers (aids the scraggly look).


Loosely dub the body forward to just short of the eye, and pick/brush out. Maybe even a touch sparser than this.


Next take 3 full strands of Krystal Flash, doubling and cutting in half twice. (EDIT) This yields 2 bunches of 6 fibers of the right length. Enough for 2 flies (6 fibers tied and folded in half = 12 hackle fibers per fly).

I tie in the fibers in pairs evenly distributing them to form the "hackle", but I suppose a loop could be used. Fiber tips should flare about 45 degrees and extend at least a shank length beyond the body.


Tie off head and seal with cement of choice.

Finished fly should look sparse and "breathe-y". Probably more like this one which actually has caught a fish.

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Thanks. I've debated adding bead chain eyes to it, but not sure that would be an improvement. I like the idea of this pattern as something "light" that suspends well.
A small / light weight brass or black colored bead might be work exploring as well.
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I've got a rockfish/ling trip to Neah Bay just starting to form for this coming spring. I'll be tying rockfish flies myself very soon. As if I need any more lol
I can't believe it wouldn't work for rockfish, but the pattern (or my technique) was an epic fail for rocks that day. @Randall Clark (who took the jetty pic) CnR'ed about a dozen black rockfish, some nice ones too. While I managed one bluegill-sized runt - and that was on an anchovy pattern.
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Yeah, it does actually. I've been on a kick lately with flies that have lots of movement, either through rubber legs or extra long hackles. After I did the SBS today, I felt inspired to do a winter steelhead version.
I'm looking forward to seeing the steelhead version.

A buddy of mine did well this weekend on that fly with legs. I used a version without legs and didn't have any luck. I figured it was time to tie up a couple with legs. We'll see how it is this weekend.

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