Tuna Melts

Nick Clayton

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A family favorite for dinner tonight.

Home canned albacore canned with garlic, mayo, pickles, onion, and I like just a hint of mustard. Topped with gouda cheese... Well mine has cheddar and mozzarella as I'm not a huge gouda fan. All on sugar free wheat bread to accomodate my diet lol.

Add some chips and dip and we've got a tasty, quick to throw together meal that is always a hit here.



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My granny used to make those with home smoked and canned tuna! Though with less tasty cheese. Just about anytime we were at her place, lunch consisted of a sandwich made from home canned salmon or tuna, home canned apple sauce or peers and some type of cake she had made. Usually chocolate. RIP gram! She died fairly young. My grandpa lived to be 96. About the last 7 years of his life, about 99% of his dinners consisted of a tuna sandwich, cooked mashed carrots, home canned apple sauce or pears, and a bowl of french vanilla umpqua ice cream. RIP grandad!
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Nick Clayton

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It's awfully hard to beat a tuna sandwich. I'm a big fan. They are a staple on fishing trips for me. Few cans of tuna, a jar of mayo, and a loaf of bread is often all i bring.

I've loved tuna my whole life but being exposed to fresh albacore the last few years has been a game changer. When I look at my home canned stuff and then taste it it makes me wonder what I was eating all those years.

After we ate these melts my wife and son both wanted a cold tuna sandwich. I was up so I made my wife's. She thought I was nuts cause I didn't put mayo on the bread before the tuna salad. I mean really how much mayo do you need? Lol I've always just mixed everything up, plopped it on bread, and chowed down.
Some canned tuna is just nasty. Might as well be cat food. A good tuna melt or tuna sandwich requires high quality tuna.

And a tuna sandwich needs MIRACLE WHIP!!!


Miracle Whip is the most disgusting substance on the face of this earth.

Vile, vile stuff.

I grew up on Miracle Whip. The only reason mayo was in the house was for potato salad and shrimp salad. When I was about 17, I noticed that the club sandwiches I ordered in restaurants tasted much better than ones I made. Figured out it was the mayo.

My dad had quit using Miracle Whip, I quit using it, then my mother started using mayo and she hasn't bought MW since.

Interestingly, now my mother uses more plain yogurt in her potato salad than mayo. It tastes better and has a creamier texture.

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