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john gates

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Hello tyers.
Objective is to fill a soft hackle box one side reserved in color and flash. And the other on the gawdy side. So if anyone would like to swap soft hackles my suggestion would be as follows.

4 total fly's per tyer in swap. Two patterns one pattern reserved/earthtone think naturals no dye. And than one pattern bright flashy and gawdy.
6 to 10 total participants including yourself depending on the interest. That means 20 flies total to be tied. It seems like a lot but remember guys soft hackles don't need to take but a few minutes each right. Think of the working box you will get back as well.
Due April 1st tentatively
1.John Gates
5.craig hardt
6.Max P
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I'm surprised you didn't just automatically add my name to the list. What are we thinking for a due date? Soft hackles are easy, but two dozen (or more) flies is still a good amount of work. Maybe April 1st? That gives us the rest of the dark, rainy winter to get them done before the rivers and lakes start to warm up.

john gates

Vw Bus driving(68) God Fearing Adventure Seeker
@SeattleFarq well you know what mama says about assuming. Although if you hadn't hit me up or any of the other crew by the end of today you better believe I was about to start tagging people's asses! I'm okay with April 1st how about we go with that.


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I'm going to pass on this one.... a bit more of a commitment than I feel like making right now. And considering the fact that I'm mostly fishing the salt these days, the need for another box of trout flies doesn't feel too pressing. Thanks though, and have fun!


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I've been debating this one, but I'm going to have to pass. I promised myself I would stay out of swaps for a little bit to fill my salt water and dry fly boxes. I already caved and joined the March madness one, so can't double up so fast.

I'm sure I'll regret that once I see the beautiful soft hackles from this group.

Cheers guys,


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