FS Patagonia Sling, Fenwick Aetos 10' #5, Lines

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Patagonia Double Haul Chest/Sling Pack ($45) – older model of modular sling pack that can be converted into a stand alone chest pack, waist bag, or sling by removing pieces. Missing neck strap for the stand alone chest pack. Some wear, but still in good shape with everything functioning like new.

Fenwick Aetos 10’ 5 wt 4 pc ($125) – Good to very good condition. Nice rod for big water. This series won the Yellowstone Angler 5 weight shootout several years in a row. With original case and sock.

Orvis HD Power Taper 5 Weight Textured Floating Line ($40) – Very good condition. Scientific Anglers made these for Orvis. Nice, powerful line. Orange running line with olive head.

Airflo Ridge Bass/Musky 6 Weight Floating Line ($40) – Very good condition. Powerful line for streamers, big dries, and poppers. Orange running line with yellow head.

Rio Smallmouth 7 Weight Floating Line ($20) – Good condition. Could probably use a treatment with a line dressing, but still very serviceable. Nice line for hot weather. Olive running line with orange head.

Pics available on request. Paypal preferred.
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