SBS Galway Extractor (variation)


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Stretched out the body and changed the color scheme a bit for an October Caddis. Dyeing, except for the deer hair, accomplished with 2 packs orange Koolaid.

hook - Dai Riki 280 #8
thread - UTC 70 burnt orange
butt - Uni-Stretch orange
tail - pheasant tail dyed orange
rib - brassie wire copper
body - mylar tinsel copper
hackle - hen dyed orange
wing - deer hair dyed orange
collar - guinea dyed orange

mash barb, start thread; wrap to hook point

tie in Uni-Stretch, wrap to barb and back; tie off/trim

measure (hook length) some pt fibers; tie in

tie in rib, wrap forward; leave about 1 eye width free up front

tie in tinsel, wrap to tail and back; tie off/trim

counterwrap rib; helicopter end, cover with thread

tie in (folded) hackle by tip; wrap, tie off/trim

clean, stack, measure (tips to bend) a c lump of deer hair; trim to length, tie in

tie in (folded) guinea by tip

wrap, tie off/trim, whip finish, SHHAN


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