New charcoal grill shopping. Is Weber where it's at?

Looking at replacing my Char Griller trio combo gas/charcoal/side smoke box grill with a Weber Performer 22" kettle setup. From the research I've done it seems like Weber has things figured out with a lot of nice features and a loyal following.

The Char Griller has been great to learn on (going on 7 years) and I've had some great results but also frustration at not having as much control as I'd like over heat, especially on the charcoal side. The gas side is fine but unusable in winds >10 mph (burners blow out), which is an issue in Ellensburg! I'm hoping the simple kettle design of the Weber will keep me cooking even in substantial spring winds.

Anyone prefer something else for a charcoal grill in the $300-400 range?
I have heard the " big green egg " is very good, but don't have one. Its a charcoal grill, smoker, and oven. might be worth investigating.

I watched some YouTube on the green egg and agree it looks great. But at that price point I’d still be looking at the Weber summit kettle. From what I’ve heard, Weber customer service is outstanding.
One thing to consider about the Egg is it pretty much lasts forever. I’ve had mine over 10 years and it’s still effectively new. Nothing to burn thru or wear out. Well, except for the cooking grate but those are cheap. Also, you can do a legitimate low-and-slow smoke (pulled pork or brisket at 250F) and the Egg will keep going for 10 hours or longer on a single load of charcoal. And turn sround and make pizza at 650F.

They are expensive though. And damn heavy.
I think it all depends on exactly what you want to do with your cooker. That Weber kettle is fantastic (I have one) for hot and fast cooking. Yes yes yes you can smoke in it and stuff but it is a royal pain in the ass. I have done it but, its just not ideal for doing low and slow.
I eventually got a dedicated gas smoker in combination with my charcoal cooker. When I buy a house one day I would like to get a wood fire smoker too just cause it would be fun.
I am tired but do not believe that you specified whether or not you wish to do hot dogs, and steaks. Or, briskets, and ribs? For what its worth, getting a dedicated smoker has made things more fun than a grill has ever done for me. I rarely touch my grill anymore.
My existing setup covers all the bases as long as conditions are ideal. The gas side does hot and fast, charcoal for indirect cooking, and the side smoke box for low and slow. Last weekend was above freezing and calm wind so I did 10 lbs of smoked pork shoulder @ 275 - but I only do that a couple times a year.

I’m planning to use the Weber for both hot and fast plus indirect cooking for chicken, ham, or turkey where I want 1-2 hours @ 350. I agree about a dedicated smoker and will probably look for one eventually.

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I really don't use my Weber much since getting the Traeger. That was some time ago and now I have upgraded to a Green Mountain. If I want to sear I use cast iron. I really like using the pellet grills. I also will use a snaking tube for that extra umph or doing a lower temp smoke.
A buddy just picked up a green mountain pellet grill. It links to his phone with real-time temperature profiles. I’m sure the food comes out great but I like cooking over a real fire.
A buddy just picked up a green mountain pellet grill. It links to his phone with real-time temperature profiles. I’m sure the food comes out great but I like cooking over a real fire.
I have a Green Mountain with the Wi-Fi too. Seems ridiculous but it's nice to be able to get out of the house during a 16 hour brisket smoke. My pellet grill turns out some amazing food. I just did brisket, pastrami and burnt ends a few days ago and it really came out phenomenal - I checked on the temperature every few hours while I was at work.

I had an electric smoker but got tired of feeding it wood chips every hour.

Yeah I see the appeal. A pellet grill is an appliance that makes bbq. . . and that is brilliant! I’ll probably get one at some point. But it skips the process. Setting up and maintaining the right fire for the job is a big part of my enjoyment.
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