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Rick Todd and I headed over to Oroville to hunt some quail before the season closed. We knew there might be some snow but wanted to give it a try regardless. The day we drove over we hunted the Hegdal unit in the valley. To our surprise there were 9 horses in the fields and road apples everywhere, I mean everywhere. We did hear two roosters flush and cackle but never laid eyes on them through the thick cover and tall trees. We hit the house unloaded our gear and I fixed some moose steak and baked potatoes. We washed it down with some good California red.

The next day we headed to my friends property to look for the large covey that has invaded their chickens stealing all the feed they can find. I had hunted the area earlier with decent success. Stacey (homeowner) flushed the covey accidentally and the hunt was on. We tromped through 10 to 12 inches of snow chasing the now broken up covey of close to 100 birds. They were spooky and the going was slow and wearing. Rick's setter, Jetta, soldiered through the crusty snow doing her best to work the birds for us. In the end, several shots only rewarded us with one bird. But as all hunters know it's the process not the reward that really counts. We packed Jetta in the kennel and headed to our place for some beer and a whiskey or two.

Rick had prepared a pheasant in Madiera wine sauce for dinner that evening that was to die for. We killed several beers, a bottle of red, and a bottle of Monkey Shoulder during our visit and swapped stories aplenty.

A winter storm warning sent us packing the next morning and we headed back home through the snow. Slow going but Rick got us home without incident.

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Nice. Good way to end the season. Now, onto spring.

That pheasant looks excellent. Never had moose. Is there more?

Glad you had a good trip and safe travel home!
Great end of season report. Thks for sharing. I hunted the final 4 days of the season for wild pheasants over on the Snake River. Had a lot of birds fly way out ahead of us, but only a few were holding. All of those turned out to be hens.

Never shot my gun the entire trip. But it was great to get outside for 4 days, hunt the hills, and watch my two english setters work.

It was unusually warm -- daytime highs were in the mid-40's.

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