Pattern Winter Prawn

Working on a new prawn for winter steelhead.

Hook: Alex Jackson Bartleet Supreme #1.
Thread: Uni 6/0 Fire Orange.
Weight: 25 wraps of .015 lead wire.
Mouth: Polar bear dyed red about 3/4 length of body wrapped with about 3 turns of natural mallard flank.
Rear Body: Ice Dub UV Hot Orange about 1/4 of hook shank.
Rear Hackle: Marabou, hot orange trimmed from feather and applied in a dubbing loop. About 3 turns.
Eyes: Burnt mono, 40 pound.
Ribbing: .016 clear mono, this is about 20 lb. test.
Palmer Hackle: Metz Cream-Orange Neck Hackle.
Body: Ice Dub UV Hot Orange, brushed and picked out.
Back: Ice Yarn, Hot Orange, brushed out or use orange Angel Hair.
One photo of it is dry and the other shows it wet.

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