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Indi "Ira" Jones
Waaaaa baby "Indi" Ira, stay off my posts and I'll for sure stay off yours. Not much of a teacher if you can't follow rules...enough said.
Feel free to interject into my threads as much as you like Steve, you have in the past and you will again, no matter what you say here. I'm following WFF rules which is what you can't seem to understand. You make up these so called rules so you and Lue can be some sort of private clique and then berate others who don't follow your unwritten rules to the letter. What a joke.


Indi "Ira" Jones
You win king....we're done! No joke.
This argument is a joke though. Instead of just being done, you feel the need for one last interjection. Attempting to control the argument. "...we're done!" If you were truly done, you would have let it go. The act of posting again says otherwise. What were you hoping would happen? If you want your cryptic Lue and you inside jokes to follow all your self imposed rules, take it elsewhere, otherwise prepare to be called out on your crap.

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
For those who need to know CFS can be seen on the HWY 8 Ranch House door going into the kitchen great BBQ too. How did this thread of my dream turn into a F--king nightmare it started out as a Joke, Humor which most so full them selves you can't enjoy and then to post like the great man of tweeters is even more dumber COVFEFE, DILLY DILLY!!!

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