Lue's 2018 fish count


Indi "Ira" Jones
For those who need to know CFS can be seen on the HWY 8 Ranch House door going into the kitchen great BBQ too. How did this thread of my dream turn into a F--king nightmare it started out as a Joke, Humor which most so full them selves you can't enjoy and then to post like the great man of tweeters is even more dumber COVFEFE, DILLY DILLY!!!
We all enjoy our humor a bit differently. If you look at the thread closely, who was the first to break from being entertained? Think about it Lue. I’m certainly having fun. And the use of twitter language commonly employed by Mr. Bigly was certainly a jab at him not an endorsement.

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
Greg yea ty me some of those Wolley Buggers if they work :mad: By the look of the weather forecast if I increase my fish count it will be in the rain and damn wind this weekend.


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I thought everyone would like to see the indicators that Nick, Ira and I use notice that I use a swivel. Ira use the medium size one so he can see the slightest movement at 20ft down, Nick the monster indicator to catch Kings. and Coho 60ft down View attachment 160776 shit I am just happy to see mine go under at any depth:D
You know what they say about small indicators Lou....

Small Hands:D