NFR Music Lyrics Game....Who's In?


Trout Thank Me
Too many unanswered songs. It's getting confusing.
I know!!!

It would be easier if one person puts up a lyric. People guess but do NOT put up a new lyric until the first one posted is answered correctly. If no one can get it after a few guesses then maybe add a hint. THEN the person who guesses correctly puts up a new lyric...and so on and so we are all trying to guess the one lyric.

Eric Johnson

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And a nightcap:

You don't have to deal with the dealers
Let your boyfriend deal with the dealers
It only gets inconvenient
When you wanna get high alone
You don't have to know how to get home
Let your boyfriend tell the driver the best way to go,
It only gets kinda weird when you wanna go home alone,
You don't have to know the inspiring people
Let your boyfriend know the inspiring people
You can hang in the kitchen
Talk about the stars in the upcoming sequel


Trout Thank Me
OK! Starting over.... @wadin' boot first.... you go next with a lyric if that is correct. And nobody else should post a lyric except for wadin' boot!

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