T Redington Hydrogen 9' 3wt - trade for 10' same model or similar

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Have used but not abused 9' 3wt Redington Hydrogen...rod has been fished about 15 days or so. Have rod, sock, and tube...tube is black and labeled on the end with a Vapen sticker, but the rod is a Hydrogen. This rod was provided by Redington to replace a broken Vapen, but they didn't replace the tube. :rolleyes:

Want to trade for a 10' in the same model, or a similar quality lightweight 10' #3 (i.e., Douglas DXF, Echo Shadow, Cortland Competition, etc.).

Would consider selling for $185 shipped CONUS or $175+split shipping elsewhere.
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I would be interested in that rod, potentially. The trade would be for the 9' Hydrogen I described above, plus negotiable cash from my side since that rod is worth a lot more.

Basically, I like the way the Hydrogen fishes, but I am looking for something a foot longer.
I have two Nymphing rods, SAGE ESN 4wt 10"0 & ORVIS H2 3wt 10"0, so I do not mind parting with one of them.

Feel free to send me a PM with a proposal, & we can take it from there.
PV-Premier, not saying you should do this, but if your rod happens to break, when you send it in, maybe you can ask for the 10ft version. That is a regret I have. When I sent in my CPS 9ft 4wt this past summer, they sent me the Hydrogen (Still sad I didn't get a CPS). Best part was, they called me and asked me if I wanted the 10ft or the 9ft since I broke my CPS while I was nymphing (long story). At the time, I told them a 9ft since it was more versatile. Now I regret it. Should have just asked for the 10ft. I too am now in your boat as well. I like the rod. I don't mind keeping it, however I'd trade my 9ft 4wt for a 10ft 4wt hydrogen if anyone offers. Good luck with this post. Hope someone is feeling the opposite of us.
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