NFR What are you listening to?

I had a circa 1973 Craig powerplay 8 track... a big thing...this is dumb but I cut out bottom of a Kleenex box to slip over it when I parked
Mine came with a slide-in holder so I could remove it from the truck.

I remember festering over which 8 track player to get. Only had a few bucks left over to buy maybe two 8-track tapes. Played the hell out of them. One was Trilogy album by E,L & P as above, and the other was Led Zeppelin IV (with the old man carrying the bundle of sticks on the cover). Stairway to Heaven...


Trout Thank Me
I discovered John Moreland by letting YouTubes just keep playing randomly. I really like this guy! My favorite nephew is 37 and we often introduce each other to new artists. (He told me about Greta Van Fleet and Ray Bonneville and I told him about Half Alive and Jason Isbell. (We both tried to introduce each other to Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.)

Anyway I always like it when he tells me about someone and i get to say ‘ hey I already know that guy!’ Which i got to say a few months ago when he said i should check out John Moreland.

(Not sure i’m Crazy about Greta Van Fleet but i do think they are interesting and when they were on SNL i didn’t fast forward).

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