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Sometimes you just need some noise.
First concert I went to at the Pine Street Theater was Hüsker around the Warehouse songs...period. Was also there for the legendary Replacements show, ahhh, the memories.

Speaking of legendary shows, I was at the Riverside show at the Hawthorne in Portland. They were two shows away from the end of a long nationwide tour and frontman Marius Duda had made a comment that the band was tired. It was the first time I had attended a show there so I don't know what their crowds are like, but it was a Friday night and it was an enthusiastic crowd, to say the least.
It started slow, the mix for the first song was as bad as I had ever heard, to the point where it appeared to me that Marius looked down at his equipment to see if it was set properly. But the sound man got it sorted out and after a sing-along in the song 'Acid rain', and I gotta say, after 50 years of concert-going, it was the best singing crowd I had ever witnessed, the band absolutely killed it. My perception was it was a crowd raising a band to another level. It was also keyboardist Lapaz's birthday and he was playing like a madman. After a final encore of 'River down below'; those who follow this thread will know my love for this song, they did another thing I had never seen before, they bowed to us half a dozen times. The feeling was mutual, a show I will not soon forget.
This was a bucket-list show for me as I never ever expected to see a band like this stateside. Next up, the Aristocrats. :cool:

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classic stuff... I love Savoy brown...and others from that era...I ply it freakin' loud...I know old fart...what is good is sooo good...Kim Simmonds a Gawd...



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Had a ball this weekend at The Aristocrats show. If you are into the Satriani guitar whiz thang, these guys are well worth checking out (in fact, he pinched the rhythm section for his 'Shockwave Supernova' album/tour). Technical stuff but done with a completely irreverent sense of humor that shows in the song titles. For example, the new album title 'You know what...?' stems from an incident involving drummer Marco Minneman's attempt to get a sandwich at a nearby shop. He returned 25 minutes later with no sandwich, not because of trouble with his order, but because two women ahead of him couldn't decide what they wanted on their sandwiches! After a tirade about how effed-up that was, he stopped and said "You know what?..." and then launched a torrent of cuss words, so that's what that means. Bassist Bryan Beller's explanation for the title of first song 'D Grade Fuck Movie Jam' is priceless.

If Satriani is too busy for you, you might give support act the Travis Larson Band a listen. Guy can definitely play but it's all about the tunes and melody. A really nice guy.

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More fun than a barrel of monkeys. If this doesn't make you laugh out loud or at least a hardy chuckle you might want to consider therapy. Carl Stalling composed and conducted both the Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies. Using the Warner Brothers 50 piece orchestra and a variety of other resources and working off of the same story boards the animators used. An absolutely brilliant unsung hero.

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