NFR What are you listening to?

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
I used to follow him...He called me his sketch monster...he signed them...I gave them to his kids...I loved the man...he was a wonderful man.


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Most recently.... Roger Miller and The Hu... it’s gotta be the musical equivalent of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...

Also, old Avett Brothers... because the new release left me cold .....

If you want a real treat, watch Scott Avett sing Roger Miller’s “Where Have All The Average People Gone”

The gentleman (like many others) plays the music so loud that I can't hear or understand the words. Can he sing? I'm hearing impaired, but I can hear Frank Sinatra, John Denver or Elvis. Thank goodness for CDs of the old timers.


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Working on a duplex in Belgrade.
I'm listening to construction noise, planes,trains, and the interstate a skip away.
Bonus, a gravel pit spewing particulates in to the air.
This is not a better part of Montana.
Almost the weekend.

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