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Brian Miller

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I cranked this in the car today. In the early 2000s I was in a community concert band along with my son. He played 1st 'bone and I played percussion. It was a real kick to play in ensembles with him over a several year period. I remember getting chills down my spine during the last 40 bars (in the 3rd movement "March") of Holst's First Suite in E flat.
The US Army Concert Band (Pershing's Own) nails it in this vid. Nice threads too!

Brian Miller

Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout
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Earl Klugh Never heard anything from him that I did not like.
I first heard (17 yr old) Earl Klugh in 1972 on the George Benson White Rabbit album, and later in 1979 with Bob James - One on One. Wonderful!

Here's a couple of my favorites from an age when "shredders" weren't using distortion pedals or other effects to enhance their playing, excluding Les Paul with Mary Ford.
This also reminds me that some of the old TV show theme songs were hot tunes!


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Just filled a hole in my catalog today with the acquisition of drummer Cozy Powell's first solo record 'Over the top'. Featuring a core band of Jack Bruce, Don Airey and the support of players like Gary Moore, Clem Clempson, Bernie Marsden and Max Middleton, they produced an outstanding album of hi-energy fusion. Check out the track 'Killer' featuring Gary and then realize it was recorded and edited live; that is, absolutely no over-dubs, and marvel at the astonishingly tight playing there.
Two BIG thumbs-up!

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