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I just found this tonight. Van Morrison is one of my top 5 favorite all time artists and this is my favorite song from Astral Weeks. (I also like Slim Slow Rider). From 1970.
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Been looking a long time, passively I found it so I bought it...The Famous Blue raincoat/ the Songs of Leonard Cohen



The last time I was at one of his shows was in 1986, saw him tonight what a classic
I've seen Taj four times, once at the Zoo, thrice at Dimitriou's.

I took my father to one of the shows when he was in town for a couple of days--pops had never listened to Taj, but really enjoyed it. He mentioned how Taj never had to tell his band what was up next. He would just go from telling a story, play a chord, then the rest of the trio was right there, no missed beats, no starting over, no repeating riffs, just perfect synchronization.

Taj was one of my first forays into blues. When I was 19, I started exploring blues. Started with BB King (of course), then I saw Taj's 1969 album, recognized a song or two on it, picked it up and the rest, to state a cliche, was history.

BB and Taj led me to The Bluesbreakers, Albert King, Freddie King, Son House, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, RL Burnside, Sonny Landreth, Junior Kimbrough, T-Model Ford, John Spencer, Charles Caldwell, ...

Brian Miller

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The last time I was at one of his shows was in 1986, saw him tonight what a classic
The solo old timey TM studio version is the ringtone for my fishing buddy of 40 years.
(Ringtone for my wonderful wife is "Lets Call the Whole Thing Off" - Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald)


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A nice slice of instrumental symphonic prog from Norwegian band Kornmo, 'Vandring'. Think Camel's 'The Snow Goose' with some added neo-prog guitar moves. Some excellent playing without being show-offy.

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