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Who knew?

Thanks for sharing! Interesting role it plays as both a wind and rhythm section instrument. Quite a few musical instruments were used for community and martial communications in the past, and even today. The ultra-wide tonal and rhythmic "vocabulary" of the instrument displayed by this artist had me thinking it must have had a "practical" use. A quick Google search...
"The didgeridoo is sometimes played as a solo instrument for recreational purposes, though more usually it accompanies dancing and singing in ceremonial rituals...
The didgeridoo was also used as a means of communication across far distances. Some of the sound waves from the instrument can be perceived through the ground or heard in an echo. Each player usually has his own base rhythm which enables others to identify the source of the message."

Tim Cottage

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I hadn't seen the rhythm aspect (hand tapping) before either. It's not hard to imagine long distance communication in a quiet open landscape using those deep resonant tones.
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Been a while since I've posted itt.

This guitar teacher had never heard of Mike. But when he does he immediately starts to get it.

Mike Houser Widespread Panic the best.



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This was one of my favorite albums for many years. I played it to death to the point where you have to stop listening to it. Maybe enough time has passed that i can bring it out again! Thanks for reminding me Skip!
I know what you mean... my speakers could sing “Concrete and Barbed Wire” from memory

Jerry Daschofsky

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I've always listened to Gary Allan, but have been on a kick listening to him. Probably because I'm flying down to Nashville in June to take my wife to a private concert of his.


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