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Ahhh accordion, how beautiful. I played in the pit for a community theater production of "Fiddler..." My (amplified) acoustic archtop guitar and mandolin, an upright bass, a percussionist, and accordion were (uncharacteristically) the only rhythm section instruments in the ~18 piece orchestra. It was a total kick.

Accordion gets no respect. Neither does banjo. I'm scheduled to perform with electric archtop and tenor banjo for a production of Annie from mid-July through early August. My wife flips me crap about practicing my banjo parts (over and over) at home. But I suspect the show will be cancelled because the cast can't start rehearsals.
In the early to mid 1980s I was captivated by Argentinian Piazzolla's, Zero Hora Nuevo Tango and I have been listening ever since. It has been gratifying to hear his excellent compositions adopted by orchestras and chamber ensembles around the world over the past 10-15 years.

The particular type of squeeze box played by Piazzolla is a Bandoneon. It is a type of Concertina and differs from the accordion in that it has no register switches. The tone is controlled entirely by the bellows. It's practitioners generally regard it as far more sensitive and versatile than the accordion and after years of listening I'd have to say thats true.
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Best thing I have heard all week! Actually all month. This is new. They are doing releases of live feeds during this pandemic. These guys are my new favorite band. Josh Teskey’s voice is amazing. Often compared to Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding.
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Was it Tammy Wynette that jammed with the KLF on that song about the illuminati? That was the weirdest collab I ever saw.
Well...thanks for that, I guess. I had never seen that before...don't think I need to see it again.

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