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Seeing RUSH live from about 1979 though the mid 80's (their best era imho), as the new albums came out was powerful stuff. Such great shows
I saw several shows during that timeframe. The absolute best was later on at the Gorge in spring 1997. Perfect weather, company, venue, seats and just the right amount of alcohol. They rocked for 3 hours. Excellent show.


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1994 The Loud Family "A Tape Only for Linda"

Close, but no cigar. The album title is The tape of only Linda. Band leader Scott Miller denies it, but it allegedly refers to a tape of the band Wings with everything removed except for Linda McCartney's keyboards and singing and is reputed to sound awful.


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Today's listening:

Änglagård Viljars öga. An album ever evolving technical compositions played with precision, if you like Frank Zappa's more technical music there's no reason to not give this bunch a listen. There's a bluray concert video of their earlier work that shows them pulling it off effortlessly.

Sonar Tranceportation Volume 2. With the band displaying their tri-tone tuned guitar compositions and experimental guitarist David Torn laying his improvisations over the top they make a distinct sound all their own. Fans of jazzer Nik Bärtsch will find a lot to like with their sinuous lines that weave themselves together hypnotically.

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