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bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
Nice thrash. As soon as I heard the opening I immediately thought Forced Entry....

I thought of posting some forced entry lyrics on JoJos thread but figured know one get it.

"Hey there blondie with the big ol $%@'s come on over and impale yourself on my big ol $%#, get $%#>ed up"

haha those guys where so fun live!

At the moment listening to Queensryche operation mind crime. It's my all time favorite album ever since the first time i heared it back in 87/88?


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Caffeinated rockabilly. Or amphetamines.
Or perhaps narcotics...

Whatever their fuel of choice, that was (I guess still is?) a bad-ass trio. The Rev's an amazing guitarist in his own rite, but heavy metal drums and upright bass? Who else does that? And so damned well at that?

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Taking my 15 year old son to see Sabaton and Kreator next month. He has loved Sabaton since he was four and I got full custody of him. He used to insist I play their albums in the car everywhere we went. I'm really looking forward to this one. I love live music more than most things and sharing that with my son is very exciting. There is few feelings on earth that are better than the excitement in the air the few seconds before a favorite band comes on stage. I can't wait for my son to experience that.

Kreator is one band I've never seen so I'm super stoked for that

Sabaton has been on constant rotation this week since I found out about the show.

I'm sure we'd get along quite well, Nick.:D Kreator is solid.
I took my son to his first concert when he was 9. Opeth and Katatonia.
We also saw Opeth and Ghost about a year later, and this past summer Katatonia and Caspian.
We are looking forward to Enslaved and WITTR in March.

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@Shad - looks like you and i like the same music. I have most all of Jason Isbell albums...maybe all of them. And i bought Drive By Truckers Decoration Day album too. I like the other singer in it Billy Bragg? Or am i mixing him up with Son Volt? I'll have to google it. The Nashville Sound album IMO is Isbell's best. (I also overplayed the song Tupelo, a great lyric from that song:
"Haven't been wasted in a long time.
But tonight it feels just fine
Riding home with the windows up
Alone with a plastic cup of real good wine"

(It's not the Lyrics thread so Googled those to make sure i got them right.)

i saw Wilco perform "Hate it Here" on SNL and loved that song immediately. (Usually i FF through the music on SNL.) Great lyrics and i wish i had thought of them for the Lyrics thread.

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