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Well I bought it...amazing band...I love the genre bending categories that are placed on many...psychedelic soul?

I love these guys! I found them by accident awhile ago while cruising YouTube. I just remembered that they played on Jimmy Kimmel this week. I have to check them out on my DVR of the show! Thanks Skip!

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Heard some new music from Typhoon this morning on NPR on the way for the morning hike with the pups. Had to come back and listen again. Really like it, but think I'm creeped out.



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If you haven't already, watch their Stop Making Sense concert video. So much energy that I got tired just watching them.
It’s my top two live albums of all time. The other being Queen Live Rock Montreal 1981.

You’re absolutely right about that energy. It looks like they had so much fun during the filming of those shows. I’m certain that there was quite a bit of “brain powder” involved.

If you’re into comedy at all I suggest checking out the podcast, “R U Talkin’ Talking Heads to my Talking Head”. I’d always heard the hits from Talking Heads, but it wasn’t until I listened to that podcast that I really dove in. The hosts are Adam Scott, from Parks and Recreation and Step Brothers, and Scott Aukerman, creator of Comedy Bang Bang and Between Two Ferns. They actually do a series on U2, and REM as well which is really good, and they also do an episode on Huey Lewis and the News. I highly recommend them.

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For someone who can't get enough of David Byrne there is American Utopia...Personally I am ready for upbeat not wallowing in songs of misery. But if a fan...A fan may just love it. I enjoy Talking heads a bunch.


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Frankie Laine
Played this tune in a band that backed him up for part of a set in a hanger at Boeing Field. The gig was the 50th anniversary of the B17. Think it was 1985. They had 3 or 4 restored B17's and as many of the crews that flew in them there for the Party. The other "headliners" were Kay Starr, Marion Hutton and Tex Beneke, fronting the gig. It was a gas to see all the planes and so many of the "greatest generation" having a ball!

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