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Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Frankie Laine
Mom is 95 She wrote to Frankie Laine starting 40 or so years ago He passed long ago and mom has an ongoing pen pal...Frankie's widow...Always thought mr Laine was amazing...but then it is a nostalgic pull as music was always in the house growing up...Mom swiped my Deep Purple the late 60's...She particularly liked "Hush"


Canuck from Kansas

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Ruel, the kid on the guitar was apparently 15 at the time :eek:
Ezinma, the young lady on the violin is an incredible young talent, unfortunately, I think she is being overproduced on her first albums (this wasn't).



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I just finished Part 10 of Ken Burns series on jazz. Twenty hours of history and often heartbreak. So many musicians lost their lives to heroin once it became the 'in' drug. The history of the music is fascinating and that history set to jazz made for interesting viewing.

My earliest recollections of jazz were about Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker in the post war years but of course big bands of the swing era were prevalent all through the war. Many of the faces were familiar and quite a few I had seen in person in jazz clubs and concerts over the years. My lifetime spans almost all of the the great jazz artist and now they are all gone. They left their music but those that succeeded them have failed to improve on it.

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