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I haven't seen the film Woodstock for quite a few years now but Alvin Lee's "Going Home" was one of the better pieces of that film (and no, I wasn't there even though I'm old enough to have been).
Pretty amazing performance considering Alvin Lee claimed to have been stone drunk on stage. A friend once wisely stated to me in the 70's "live music is best".


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I was driving south on the Dodson wanting to scope out some carp water I haven't fished for several years when I heard a familiar song come on ##seriouslyxmtalkto0much radio but a version I'd never heard. This song: but recently re-released. I guess Dave Mason re-recorded all the tracks from "Alone Together" onto a new album "Alone Together Again". I can't find a bootleg copy of the new recording so just the old classic. I love the progression of this song.

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Dave Mason is one of my favorite guitarists from that era. Alone Together got a lot of play on my car's 8 track before I went into the military. He's a good person too. Mason along with Joe Walsh both do some awesome work for US Veterans and active military members.


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Heard this on the radio today.
I’ve never been a big fan of hers, but I thought she did a good job on this.
It will be interesting to hear the other covers on that album by other artists.
I like the charity aspect of this as well.


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