NFR What are you listening to?


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Mike Howe, 2nd vocalist for Metal Church, passed away two days ago at 55 years old. Metal Church had Aberdeen, WA roots- although he was brought in from CA to sing on some of most successful albums. He left for 20 years and came back a few years ago.

Really a nice guy and great metal voice.



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Shameless plug for a buddie's band. These guys have been working hard through the entire COVID mess. Finally heard them live at their first gig last week. Thought we'd show up for a few songs to provide immoral support, but stayed through both sets. Amazing they worked out most of this stuff of this remotely.



Joe from PA
The Vangelis Blade Runner Soundtrack is exceptional. I recently watched the movie for the first time in years and kept wanting to hear more of his soundtrack. It is unquestionably one of the reasons why the film is considered one of the greatest in the genre.

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