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Love me some Mastodon but man their latest album is unlistenable. It was clear listening to their previous album they were heading in a new direction but the latest is just awful.

Such a shame....Leviathan is a masterpiece

Skip Enge

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went shopping again...picked up a couple really nice old records, Randy Newman , 12 Songs, his second 1970 and this one from 1971, that Ha! I had a copy of already...but it was primo...

I remember years ago finding this vid...have yet to get the lp that this is on...
It was you that posted this vid on another thread, never knew about them before that, done a Google after seeing it & found they done a tour around Finland early last year but didn't come to my city! I might even have the lp? Couple years ago had to clean out the missus's father's flat cos' he moved from the hospital into a old people's home, scored all his records at least 2' high, only had a quick look, remember hendrix, beatles, Simon & Garfunkel!
Don't know if anyone mentioned this one already, but I heard this song on a tv show. I looked it up. Decent song relevant to flyfishing, even if it is kinda hippie-dippy for me.

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