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the song I posted has this wonderfully mixing where Jack's voice soars into the perfect chord intonation of Gary's just got me from the first time I heard it and beyond. I could care less what crtitics said..."uninspired"...I think it is one of those magnificent one off lps that I will always enjoy so much.
this one is gonna be way out of the comfort zone for a lot of you and is not entirely safe for work. the dude is doing more to help with addiction then most. i assumed he was a total joke but a recent interview changed my mind and i gave it a chance. so this is officially the only/first mummble rapper im not instantly turning off.



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Does anyone here listen to Avett Brothers? I have two of their cds : The Carpenter and True Sadness. They have a new HBO documentary available On Demand right now called “May it Last”. It is so good i watched it twice. There is a killer song that kind of brings you to your knees called “No Hard Feelings” . It would be a beautiful song for a memorial for a loved one. I told my nephew (who is the one who alerted me to the Documentary) that i wanted it played at my Memorial. Only they would have to edit out the last lyrics. ;) There is something about these two brothers (and the rest of their band) that made me want to adopt them or marry them off to my nieces. They are just good people. And i think just being around them would make you want to be a better person.

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