NFR What are you listening to?

Big Rob

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But now i gotta throw some prog/math/djent rock at ya....some obscure isht.

A long song, but worthy...

Turn it up a notch...

The masters of djent.
I promised myself to never ride when listening to


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I think I posted an Anathema vid earlier, off their new album, but here is another good one...:cool:

Had to go back and look but did not see a prior posting, thanks for this one.Played the new one for my friend and his wife on our card night.She liked it so I got her a copy for Christmas.Now it's her favorite.


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Another tune that always puts a grin on my face is the opening song on Long Distance Calling's eponymous album;'Into the black wide open'. Over an ominous,slow boogie riff is heard:
Earthling girl:So tell me,what brings you to our planet?
Alien:Your planet?
EG:Yes,this is our planet. is not.
The band comes to a full stop for the last line then comes crashing in.Killer stuff.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I feel your pain. I have it too. I thought it was an electrical circuit in our house, like a dimmer that wasn’t fully turned on. It’s maddening.
Ahh....fellow connoisseurs of the ever spontaneous, never ending, non-solicited, live wire performance being put on by the Phantom Earwigs (or whatever they call themselves)....:confused:....I have a question....
Have your phantom musicians settled on a preferred musical style, perhaps cranking out the same tune with the same beat, on the same key, with only a few notes, moment after moment, infinitely without respite? Well, mine have!:cool: There's nothing quite like a sense of constancy in ones life.;)

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