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My favorite YouTube this month! Oh my word, i can’t believe that Tom Morello makes me take my eyes off of Springsteen on one of my favorite Springsteen’s songs from that album.


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I was reminded of this while replying to another thread but 'Hero and heroine' by the Strawbs is a pretty killer recording.The title track, with its blasting Mellotron hook, kicks ass.
Here's one I consider a classic;it's by a band featuring Bill Laswell called Material and is named 'Seven Souls'.Over a bed of Indian music (Eastern, not the Native American kind) it features spoken word pieces by William S. Burroughs concerning Egyptian mythology/religion and the nature of the atom bomb as a "soul killer".If that sounds interesting to you, check it out,it's killer.I recommend the Triloka Records 1997 reissue as the dialogue is reprinted in the liner notes and has some added remixes.Some of you Sopranos fans might recognize some of this music was used as the opening music in season six.
Almost anything by Kurt Vile, check him out!
Loved Whiskeytown, especially 'Stranger's Almanac',that was a great one.I know some writers used to pull his chain by calling him Bryan Adams which might explain some of that attitude.Another band that has caught my ear lately is 'The War on Drugs'.Longer songs but I like where he comes from...a lot.If you like Neil's 'Ragged glory', this should hit about the same spot.
War on Drugs !!!
Kurt Vile on their first record.
“Lost in the Dream” is a masterpiece


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Song stuck in my head today, Wilco's 'Sunken Treasure'.God, I love that song,always did.

And all the leaves will burn
And all the fires will then return
All the fires we've burned
All will return

Music is my savior
But I was maimed by rock and roll
I was lamed by rock and roll
I was tamed by rock and roll
Got my name from rock and roll

Writing doesn't get much better than that.'The lonely 1' is pretty damn good too.

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