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Trout Thank Me
My friend Al is in the Saints (and Floydian Slips, Mexican Gunfight, and). to make this fishing related, his father Andy was an accomplished fisherman on the Southern Oregon coast and his brother is a Ketchikan based guide
I researched them long time ago but had to look up Al to be sure that the member i had the crush on was him. He was really tall, played guitar and often wore a hat and had long hair. Al Toribio was so cool!

I also liked their more boyish (at the time) front man Shipe too, who was also cute FEE2DD51-636C-4753-B5B6-11CACA6915E1.jpeg . I never got to see them live though.
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Trout Thank Me
Yes, i found that site Eric. And then i found this. I did not know about Mexican Gunfight but found this YouTube of them playing one of my favorite Gillian Welch songs. He’s still cute and cool as i remember.

Tim Cottage

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Yes both of them died by their own hand.
I was fortunate enough to have been able to see both of them a couple of times each while living back east. Always in smaller venues like clubs and small theaters.


Skip Enge

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just a have a friend for 50 years is so accentuates your existence as a human, a and they matter...I am getting teary...I love you Jim. You are my friend.