SBS John Titmouse (variation)


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Having had good luck with Buzzballs with a prominent orange cast, I made some mods to the color scheme.

hook - Dai Riki 305 #16
thread - UTC 70 burnt orange
tail - hackle dun
body - bleached peacock herl
hackle - grizzly dyed orange
wing - partridge dyed orange

mash barb, start thread

measure (hook length) tip from a partridge feather; tie in over the eye/trim, wrap thread to bend

measure (shank length) some hackle fibers; tie in/trim

tie in some peacock herl; wrap to 3/4 mark, tie off/trim

tie in hackle; wrap to wing, tie off/trim

take a few wraps in front of the wing to set the angle, half hitch x 2, SHHAN


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