Trip Report Australia trip!

Don't know what trolled is? But i done the same thing on another site last year & one guy said that's just mean! And another person said well played! I thought it was hilarious! Back in Helsinki now waiting for the last flight of a 3 flight trip home! Have to chop a heap of pictures & I'll get em up as soon as possible!
sketch-1516764626867.png First picture of some rocks i seen when we stopped for a piss & a smoke on the 2 hr drive south from Sydney, was getting excited! sketch-1516764660433.png sketch-1516764679268.png The kayaks my parents bought, went out in a basin that's not effected by tides! Wind was strong & coming from the south, had heard before the fishing is bad in the area when there is a southerly! Seen some bream & a lot of Whiting & tailor, but they weren't interested, will take a lot of bonefish flies next year for these Whiting & tailor! Wind picked up worse & the place we were in with some cover even got choppy so it was time to go! sketch-1516764736741.png sketch-1516764764032.png Some flats up the road from my parents place, short bike ride in the morning, no luck, but seen almost 20 stingrays while wading! sketch-1516764799240.png sketch-1516764817518.png Some surf I fished another morning also a short bike ride up the road, no luck & then the wind really got bad & was hard to stand up! Sage X 8wt with a SA saltwater taper 7wt seemed useless! sketch-1516764850858.png sketch-1516764884883.png Mate drove 2000klm from up north in his new Mustang to visit, nice car but no room in the back seat! sketch-1516765016430.png Went to the outer tubes at point perpendicular which is apparently 1 of the only 2 places in the world you can catch black Marlin off the rocks! Interesting place but not really for fly! sketch-1516765062330.png Weather said 5metre swell for that day! sketch-1516765097653.png Trying to get a fly out there! sketch-1516765127224.png That's how much a 10wt Zephrus SWS rod bends doing nothing in 24 knot winds! sketch-1516765152165.png Don't know what that stupid little kid was doing out there with no life vest on which is the law these days! sketch-1516765198125.png Still trying! sketch-1516765232533.png Got my fly, Big deceiver stuck on the cliff behind me, mate was laughing! sketch-1516765279113.png Need a bloody high back cast there! sketch-1516765331959.png Glad i wasn't on those rocks! But I did get splashed a few times where I was, still no fish yet but was having fun! To be continued!
sketch-1516769968856.png Went & found this place next with the mate out of the wind, beautiful looking spot! sketch-1516769994937.png sketch-1516770017164.png But fishing sucked at that place too, just to many very windy days already & always coming from the south apparently the worst place that turns the fish off! sketch-1516770036236.png Gotta keep your fluids up on a hot sunny day! sketch-1516770057705.png Things happen slowly in Australia, took these 3 beers just to string my rod up & ty a fly on! sketch-1516770103716.png Went to a river that flows into Jervis Bay next & seen this on the bank, think it was a large tailor? sketch-1516770127010.png sketch-1516770147196.png Couldn't help myself & put a smoke in its mouth! sketch-1516770183955.png All the seaweed on the beach close to my parents place! sketch-1516770206318.png The boat ramp covered in seaweed, was starting to get sick of all the wind! sketch-1516770237359.png A large Goanna that crossed the road on the way to a lake to do some bass fishing! sketch-1516770262055.png It was easy 5' long! sketch-1516770286125.png sketch-1516770300239.png sketch-1516770315001.png The lake I went fishing for Native Australian bass from the kayak in, got nothing & seen nothing! Was starting to think i'm not gonna catch a thing! sketch-1516770361520.png Then i got this, well snagged it's leg really! sketch-1516770390229.png Octopus was a new & interesting species for me, head was the size of a tennis ball! To be continued!
Amazing pictures Adam, a little breezy for fly fishing in the last shots... (Of the first set, you beat me on the keyboard to posting) Guessing you didn't use the 32's there! :rolleyes: Looking forward for more pictures. Keep em coming.
sketch-1516773504374.png Went out here next with my parents so they could see some of this crazy rock fishing! sketch-1516773611915.png sketch-1516773641827.png sketch-1516773664028.png sketch-1516773689408.png sketch-1516773707012.png sketch-1516773737032.png Interesting looking place! sketch-1516773752823.png sketch-1516773770685.png sketch-1516773794208.png sketch-1516773814044.png sketch-1516773842241.png sketch-1516773867494.png Dangerous looking rocks! sketch-1516773886798.png I tried & tried, but nothing! Wind was still bad & coming from the south! sketch-1516773905843.png Tried a bit of surf fishing for a while, but still nothing! sketch-1516773928678.png Beautiful looking beach! sketch-1516773947556.png Sorry it's taking time to get all the pictures up! To be continued!
sketch-1516811541291.png Enjoying the finer things in life! sketch-1516811591536.png Low tide up the road! sketch-1516811620030.png It opened up this place! sketch-1516811636702.png Seen what I thought was a monster flathead! sketch-1516811670139.png Funny to see the sun go down at 20:12 in the middle of summer, I'm used to it just staying up! sketch-1516811705209.png Then I caught the only fish of the trip on the 2nd last full day, 18" Flathead from the kayak, that really took some pressure off! sketch-1516811759677.png Here you can see why they are called a flathead! sketch-1516811812723.png This is what happened stringing my rod up drunk! sketch-1516811846314.png Was back at the place I seen the monster, but when I seen it again it looked more like a port Jackson shark! sketch-1516811914319.png sketch-1516811934078.png sketch-1516811961718.png sketch-1516811974913.png Rocks i found on the last full day not to far drive north from my parents place, forgot my life vest & it looked ruff! Will go there next time! sketch-1516812051000.png Thought i better go for a swim at least once while I'm here! sketch-1516812192195.png sketch-1516812214714.png sketch-1516812295922.png sketch-1516812320633.png sketch-1516812412267.png Interesting birds in my parents yard! sketch-1516812449912.png Gotta have one of these in Australia! sketch-1516812531982.png Bushfire on the way to the airport! Was strange to get back to a snow covered land with iced over waters! Hope to catch more fish next year! Cheers Adam
Thanks Buzzy! There's a lot of awesome natural beauty in Australia, was disappointed sometimes to see mostly young people leaving their rubbish all over the place! My hands were full carting all my gear & own empty beers back to the bin! Also still can't believe that little kid on the dangerous rocks with out a life vest, any real Mum would give him a big wack! If you fall in the drink & have to get rescued by a helicopter, you could end up with the cost of the whole rescue if you don't have a vest which is the law now!

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