Hardy bamboo fly rod

Mike Monsos

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Many times it comes down to what you like. You'll be surprised the noticeable difference in the same design line by different manufacturers. Slick surface and stiff or subtle come to my mind. Once I find a line wt I like I will try as many different lines as I can get my hands on and then choose. Don't forget to try different reel weights for balance once you make a line mfg choice. Even after I have made my choice I will try new lines when I have a chance, you never know when you might find a new favorite.


Steve Kokita

Many reasons I prefer Sylk on my bamboo, it's the least coiling line I've ever fished/cast, even in cold winter temps. Slight bit smaller in diameter and yes...it floats! But that's just meand my .02
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Steve Kokita

Fished my local beach today....damn dry line kept coiling/tangling in my basket, even after stretching it out. Still got me a 18" SRC and a 14" blackmouth....might put a Sylk on this reel. :cool:

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