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Just finished up restoring an old (late 1880's) greenheart fly rod made by Anderson & Sons of Edinburg. It's a fairly rare, single handed, 11', 3 piece, called "The Dunkeld" ...named after a small village on the River Tay, Scotland.
When I got it a few years back out of England, it was in poor shape, with missing guides, rotting wraps, and a melt down on the varnish. I was able to locate/replace a few hanging guides, strip the varnish, and clean it up, leaving the brass hardware with it's 135+ year patina intact.
Not sure who made the brass reel (Farlow?) ..but I've loaded it with 30 yards of GBG silk line, and may try to catch a fish with it next summer, although a little tricky to get a decent cast with the hanging guides.



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Great job bringing that beauty back to life! I have a Hardy 12 foot greenheart fly rod with a two handed hardwood handle. Yes it is heavy; the patina is simply stunning!! The reel I have on it is a 4 1/2 Brass Faced Perfect and it balances the rod beautifully. I wonder how much casting was really done with an outfit that heavy?

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