One piece shorty

Finished a new hotrod, 6'2" 4wt one piece. Haven't cast it yet but it's very light in hand. Scarfed a mid and tip, placed a guide in the middle of the scarf with semi clear wraps at the ends of the scarf. Did a thread winding check up the cork like a Orvis banty....first and last one for me! (PITA!) just need to add some fish now....


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That is sweet. Which way do you wrap that check? I assume you start on the blank up the grip.

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Just one thing
Where's the money shot?
The scarf joint, the scarf joint.....
Gotta see it.....
Hmmmmmm.....don't know if I'd call it money.... Made it with a vintage bench belt sander. When you zoom in, you can really see it, but...if you couldn't see it you might not believe it's scarfed! Kinda like a picture of a big fish......:rolleyes:
One side

Other side
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Thanks Kent,
I scarfed four tip sections and this one so are holding together. I have a '57 Hardy Rogue River that needs a 8" scarf at the tip.....but too many intermediate wraps! Been on the back burner. You should try one.
Tried both ways Phil, over and over....ended up a little better from the blank up. PAIN IN THE ASS! I'm sticking to mortised wood grips!;)
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Glad I'm not the only one who finds it a pain. Bad thing for me is that I like it enough to keep doing it...More than one has had finish applied only to reveal the slightest sliver of cork showing through where it shouldn't.

That's one beauty of a rod, my friend...

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