One piece shorty

I finally got to lawn cast scarf hotrod sings! :D WF 4 Sylk easily 60' on target. Now I need a calm lake...sipping 18" rainbows and #20 midge emergers....and 60 degree weather! :cool:
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Easy Cris....because I did! Different length sections, lighter, no alignment issues and! Besides, I just counted and I have 15 other 2 pc rods in my quiver. This rod fits easily inside my Outback, but I'm making a long PVC tube to transport when driving the truck.
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first i'd like to thank you for refering me to this site steve. i'm enjoying it so far. i can see you are more ambitous than me. so far all i've done is try to match orphaned sections in my stockpile and come up with castable frankenrods. best i've done so far is an 8'3" from an 8040 granger butt, 8642 cut down mid and unknown tip. it did make a nice 5 wt. cris
I got a chance to fish 1pc....I used chironomids under an indicator and it cast 40'+ easily with one haul. I missed the only takedown screwing around with getting a beer....oh well, the beer tasted great! Next time!
steve. how much line below that indicator. it seems we usually have to go 10 -12 ft. and would be tough with a 6 ft rod. i assume you were lake fishing.
The lake/area I was fishing shorty was around 7' so I had 5'-6' under the bobber. I use Rowley's slip indicators, so I do fish deeper depths with short rods. My real shorty for the challenge last year was 5', I fished that up to 9'+.... Hit the back of my head a few times casting.... With these lighter short bamboo rods, my fused right wrist and shitty old shoulders last a lot longer! Thank Canada for Crown Royal!
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It works! I C&Rd three trout today 14"-17" with the scarf! 10' under the bobber, 35' casts....casts, bends and fishes great! Got another four with one 20" on the "Gnome" hotrod. 2.5 hours, rain, light wind and beer!

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