One piece shorty

good on you steve. i don't think we'll have any open water here until mid april. yesterday had to settle for my second choice of a day on the slopes with my youngest son (33) off today to watch my grandson play hockey. started the rewrap on the south bend but lots of time to finish it before spring.
The scarf is a great idea Steve. I've only done one myself on a tip section that got eaten by a vacuum LOL. I did mine the same way with a fixture I rigged up to keep the angle consistent on the belt sander (try a finer grit belt next time) . It actually came out pretty well. The rod owner ended up with a spare tip section after I made a new one for him.

For the nose wrap on the grip I found that if I add a coat of spar var on the "filled" area and transition it makes wrapping the transition a lot easier. Just another way to fill some micro voids and provide a smooth ramp to the cork. (I add the coat of spa var on my crowned ferrule tabs also to fill the V's in before wrapping.)

You can make some nice sanding sticks with coffee stir sticks and wet or dry sand paper glued to them. I leave a single wrap of tape to protect the bamboo until I get down to the bamboo at the transition. After that I'll remove the tape wrap and finish the edge off smooth. I also keep my thread tension on the loose side. Once I get the wrap done I burnish it lightly and get the spa var on the thread. If you mess (burnish) with it too much, well you know the drill LOL.

I went 9/16 today on a south end lake, the fish ranged from 14"-19".
7 of them were on the shorty scarf rod. Holding up so far and fun!! On board Bloody Mary's didn't hurt either....happy hours!
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Five more for scarf shorty today, 15"-20" once again all on chironomids. Sometimes the slip bobber released....some didn't! Quite the challenge trying to net the fish with 8.5'-9' under the indicator with a 6'2" rod.:confused: Beautiful day, nice BS'n with Tom. Helped a couple flip their platform dock into the young guys to be found at that time....
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I’d think it would be easier to manually pop the indi loose, it being that much closer.

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Not me Phil...I have 6X on the bottom chironomid so I'm not grabbing the line and risking breaking the tip. Better to lose the fly and fish...still would count as a rodeo fish! (8 second ride) but that's just my way.
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I may have to move south..... these fishing reports are killin me as our local ponds will have ice for another month and a bit....... might have to hit the Bow instead as it should be fishable soon.....
We fished shorty scarfs yesterday....Lue beat me 27 to 20! ~(Lost count of missed fish)~ Local lake got stocked last week, nothing big but fun with bobbers! Cold beer and Bloody Mary's onboard made the nice day even nicer.......;)

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