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I took a friend to the doctor for a procedure this morning and spent 3 ½ hours reading some fly fishing magazines I brought with me. OK, who spends 3 ½ hours taking a friend to the doctor – well me. The point is the fly fishing magazines. They were all good with the appropriate articles on fly tying, best locations etc. But there wasn’t one word about bamboo rods or fishing with them. It occurred to me to ask the question, are there any magazines that cater to the bamboo enthusiast and if not why not. I have graphite rods, modern reels and lines to go with them. I have some fiberglass rods new and old as well. But still no magazines, no mention of anything to support those of us interested in bamboo. I can see articles about collecting, building, displaying all things relating to boo. Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up a magazine and see an article about tricking out your wood pram or building a catch net or where to get the best components or the correct ferrules for that bamboo rod you are rewrapping? What say you all?


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Want to start a new magazine? I'll subscribe. For now, I find the Classic Rod Forum to be a wealth of information, entertainment and temptation. Be sure to go into the "View old photobucket pics" thread in the Technical Support section so you can see all the great photos from many many years. And use the search box at the bottom to find specific threads on any topic or rods of interest. Ron
Years ago I checked out making your own agate stripping guides from rod and after hours of cussing, $$ spent on diamond hole cutters I did end up with a few guides.....I coulda bought a bunch of Joe Arguello's awesome agate guides and had less gray hair!

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There is a online magazine Powerfibers ( ) that comes out quarterly I think. There is also another online publication called Bamboo Journal IBRA online news letter ( ). Both are excellent and packed with bamboo. I think you can download past issues also.

It is well worth the ten minutes it might take to download and save all 17 issues of the IBRA Journal. Put them all on a tablet or laptop and you have a digital magazine. It is really well done and full of innovative ideas and excellent craftsmanship.

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Another source is the "Planing Form" newsletter:

All of the publications discussed here are valuable, especially for those just starting the bamboo adventure.

In the late 1990's, there was a guy in Southern California who published a great magazine called "The Bamboo Fly Rod - The magazine for anglers, builders, collectors and dreamers." He went out of business after a couple of years, and we all lost our subscription money. I really enjoyed this publication, and still have my old copies.

As an FYI, the new edition of Powerfibers was published yesterday and is available for free download. I scanned through it, and two articles of interest to me were Dave Dozer from Oregon showing how he made a hollow-built switch rod, and a guy from Denmark who found Tonkin Cane growing in Vietnam.
Tom, Dave Dozer will be giving a talk at March meeting of Overlake FFC. I may go just to remind myself why making rods from culm is beyond my capabilities. Ron
Lets do it. Then you can remind me how someone with zero wood working experience since HS shop class should never attempt what they are doing.

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