Trip Report Southeast Alaska Spring steelhead

William B.

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I took this trip last year to Ketchikan. I fished with Colby he is the owner operator at Fishfinder Charters. I have fished on his charter as well with great success. I told him I would recommend him here. He will be doing trips out to POW in April I believe. This was a hike in fishing trip into remote streams swinging a single hander most of the time. I did run a nymph through a few holes. I tied several small rabbit strip leach for this trip. I broke one rod on a fish and ended up using my 8wt. I had a couple opportunities to sight fish to stagging pods of fish a couple miles from salt water. Just a great trip. Some photos added

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Nice fish. Muknuk - Maybe not the only summer run! My buddy and I found one in a remote place too - fishing for Sockeye and landed multiple Steelies before leaving. Not many fishing those waters in June... Those places are special. In that neck of the woods - so would be funny if it was the same run. Definitely no info on it if so.

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